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Digital Media DaVinci OMAP TIDSP XDM codecs

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Digital Media Solution

CSS' Digital Media Solution is targeted for the Texas Instruments' DaVinciā„¢ platform. A production ready media framework is available which delivers the modern kernels and peripheral support, modern debugging tools, and a software framework which encapsulates the popular VL42 drivers, ALSA drivers, and XDM codecs.


  • DaVinci™/OMAP™/TIDSP
  • Linux 2.6.28/TI DSPBIOS
  • QT 4.5 GUI development
  • Debug support. (Eclipse GUI)
  • Production quality. (product tested)
  • MP4/AVI Containers
  • SD, SDHC, CF media
  • USB OTG, Ethernet
  • GPIO support
  • ALSA support
  • Framebuffer video and V4L2 support
  • OSD support

Board Support Package (BSP)

  • UBL/U-boot/Kernel Development
  • Complete toolchain based on newer kernel Linux 2.6.28 / GCC 4.3.2 / GLIBC 2.9
  • Support for DM64xx and DM3xx
  • GUI-IDE Debugging via Eclipse
  • QT 4.5 GUI support
  • A/V Capture / Display including ALSA/V4L2 Drivers
  • Mono / C# libraries and application

Video Framework

  • C or C++ with Exception Handling
  • Uses TI's Codec Engine API (MPEG-4/H.264/JPEG)
  • Custom Algorithm Support in Codec Server XDAIS/XDM via XDC/RTSC DSP or ARM side integration
  • Robust Multi-threaded Video Server

Algorithm Design

  • Optimized DSP-side algorithms for DM64xx devices.
  • Optimized ARM-side algorithms for DM3xx devices.

Custom Driver Support

  • LCD Drivers
  • USB Host or Gadget
  • SD / SDHC / CF cards
  • Interprocessor Communications


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