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Optimum Network Time Synchronization with TM1000A

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TM1000A GPS Network Time Servers boast accurate time for all devices

Where Internet based time keeping systems experience lag and connections fail, TM1000A Front Straight AntennaCommunication Systems Solutions (CSS) provides apowerful alternative. The TM1000A GPS Network Time Server, the latest addition to the Time Machines product line, serves as a low costsolution to time synchronization problems. The compact server case measures only 5” x 4.2” x 1.3” but is able to access multiple GPS satellites from within buildings to provide a sub-millisecond delay in time reporting.

This new system is a prime candidate for any industry where time coordination is a necessity, and the accuracy of time makes comparison of network logs an absolute simplicity. Educational institutions, industrial facilities, military
installations, public safety command centers, government agencies, broadcasting stations, and hospitals are all in potential need of synchronized time systems.

And the setup couldn’t be easier; with no outdoor antennas required, the TM 1000A requires only that the included power supply and GPS antenna be attached to the base unit and that the server be plugged into the network. All networked computing platforms support time synchronization either natively or with add on drivers, including: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Many other devices can access the device as well, including VoIP phones and digital clocks.

Pair the TM 1000A GPS Network Time Server with the popular Power over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Clocks for the ultimate assurance of synchronized time, regardless of the state of the network.

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