Young Tech Company Asks the Question “Why Does New Technology Have to Cost So Much?”

TimeMachines develops new GPS PTP Time Server technology with breakthrough capabilities and breaks the high price precedent historically set by industry.

Lincoln, NE -  Although considered a young technology company, TimeMachines has alreTM2000 Front Cut-2988x849ady built a solid reputation for engineering the most capable and cost-efficient NTP Time Servers with GPS and Displays on the market. Virtually every industry must keep accurate time between all its computers and devices on their network, including government, public safety, utilities, financial institutions, education, healthcare, hospitality, broadcasting, research or industrial facilities, and countless others. Many prominent entities within those industries have chosen to entrust their time management to TimeMachines, most notably Google, Raytheon, Nestle, 3M, Adobe, Tesla Motors, Naval Research Lab, FAA, and the FBI.

Now TimeMachines has launched its latest innovation--The TM2000A PTP Time Servers with GPS. What makes this product unique is that it provides both Multicast and Unicast PTP Protocols. Additionally, there is an internal high precision clock, which allows for several hours of GPS signal loss while maintaining PTP level accuracy.. This represents a major feature upgrade from TimeMachines’ original TM1000A product and levels them with other players in the network time server field. 

But that’s where the similarity ends. Typically, Multicast and Unicast PTP time servers are exorbitantly expensive, with price tags of $5,000.00 and up. TimeMachines’ founders are electrical engineers who not only design the software and hardware, but do the manufacturing for every product. Thus, they are able to control costs while delivering the most comprehensive solutions possible. The price tag on the new TM2000A is in the hundreds, rather than thousands as with all other comparable time servers—about 90% less.

TimeMachines has built in the most critical features, all condensed in to an extremely compact enclosure so that it can be placed anywhere within the network layout. Additionally, the TM2000A runs a fully locked down secure Linux kernel based operating system and its firmware is updatable from a web interface. The result is increased reliability and functionality, but without the increased cost.

Why doesn’t TimeMachines charge more, while still maintaining a competitive price point? The answer is simple. TimeMachines’ corporate philosophy is to offer customers maximum value. They don’t believe high technology must be high ticket just because it’s new. There’s simply no reason PTP time servers and displays should cost so much.

TimeMachines products can be purchased through their site, on Amazon—where they’ve earned a 5-star rating—or through GSA Advantage. Now, thanks to TimeMachines, everyone can afford a GPS PTP Time Server.


TimeMachines is a division of Communication Systems Solutions (CSS), located in Lincoln, Nebraska.   CSS founders are electrical engineers that develop products for search and rescue systems, VoIP dispatch systems, and embedded computers that control scientific processes. TimeMachines designs and manufactures Precision Digital Clocks, SNTP Servers and other time related products.  Mindshare designs and manufactures VoIP Dispatch Systems. All software, hardware and assembly is produced exclusively in the United States at its Lincoln, NE facility. (402) 261-8688 /

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