Design Engineer


Responsible for new product development and/or custom products within the client base. Will work within development teams. Will work on or manage several projects concurrently. Will design hardware, embedded software and Linux/Android/Windows platforms based on specifications and project requirements. Platforms could include Voice over IP (VoIP), Video applications, general DSP/MCU applications for Scientific, industrial or consumer electronic platforms, depending on the business unit being supported. Will interface with customers to support maintenance of line and customer issues. Will interface with manufacturing to support production issues.


BSEE, CSEE or equivalent. Strong digital signal processing academic background. This includes Filter Design, Automatic Gain Control, Echo Cancellation and Vocoding among others. Experience with digital signal processing design and analysis using Matlab a plus. Must have competence programming in C/C++(C#) Java, and any assembly language. Linux, Android background a plus. Must be able to troubleshoot new designs down to the component level. Must be able to work within teams and grow into a team leader.

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Posted on March 10, 2017

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Embedded Applications

Our experience in embedded applications allows our customers to avoid length schedule delays and cost overruns. We are able to complete designs, from ground up, efficiently and effectively. Attention to details that are often overlooked, is one of our advantages.