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President / CEO

Perry has worked in design engineering and management for over 25 years. His specialties include hardware design of all types and embedded software for both application and signal processing products. Perry has extensive knowledge of worldwide compliance standards as well as design for manufacturing. Perry is President of CSS, managing day to day business activities. Perry has both a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Hardware Engineering Manager

Bob's goal is to take a private trip to space, but there's a bit of a financial issue with that right now. Elon Musk will not return his phone calls which is frustrating.

Fun Fact: Bob's toaster has a digital display.

Senior Mechanical Designer

Spencer enjoys hanging with his wife and three children, laughing and being merry. And we won't forget to mention he enjoys trying to scare his co-workers throughout the office.

Fun Fact: Ford Rangers can be short distance airplanes.

Hardware Design Engineer

Matt enjoys games... video games, computer games, board games and card games.

Fun Fact: Matt might be the first to say "that's a software issue".

Hardware Design Engineer

Sam likes playing board games, painting miniatures, and doing modular origami.

Fun Fact: Sam played the french horn in the UNL marching band for two years.

Jack S.
Engineering Intern

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I like to go for runs, play video games, and play board games, and watch movies

Favorite Hash tag or Saying:
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Random Fact:
I have hitchhiker’s thumbs

Software Engineering Manager

After Jacob is done coding software, he's probably doing the nerdiest things you can think of. (He said it!)

Fun Fact: The average 4-year-old asks over 400 questions per day.

Software Design Engineer

Jake is usually playing video games, the guitar or the ukulele.

Fun Fact: Jake spent 15 months in Iraq as a cavalry scout. - Thank's Jake!

Software Design Engineer

Alex enjoys reading, tv shows, playing golf and volleyball, attending concerts, as well as Husker sporting events.

Fun Fact: Alex's blood type is O.

Noah P.
IT Specialist/SW Developer

I enjoy playing video games, trap shooting, and playing my guitar.

Fun Fact: I can play 5 musical Instruments

Daniel S.
Software Design Engineer

What do you like to do when you are not working?
Write music, hang out with friends, work on passion projects and play video games.

Most likely to: Get lost on Wikipedia

Favorite Hash tag or Saying:
Nearly anything is possible with enough determination.

Random Fact:
I know three languages.

Rustin H.
Software Design Engineer

Enjoys hanging out with Family and Friends. Creating mods for games, learn new technologies and skills.

Fun Fact: The Xeon E3 1231 V3 CPU is compatible with LGA 1150 Motherboards and a superior deal compared to the i5 4670k and i7 4790k! (let's just take his word for it!!!)


Production Manager

Chad enjoys playing with his children or taking photos.

Fun Fact: A bolt of lightning is 6 times hotter than the sun.

Electronics Technician + Team Leader of SMT

Jason enjoys watching television and playing World of Warcraft.

Manufacturing Technician

Thad enjoys his family, along with playing billiards and fishing.

Team Lead: Selective Solder

Jessica enjoys cooking and reading and hanging with her Siamese cat, Sophie.

Fun Fact: We believe her to walk as fast as Usain Bolt runs.

TEAM LEAD Electronics Technicians

Ryan enjoys video games, working on cars, woodworking, electronics projects and 3D printing.

Dillon S.
Electronics Technician

Dillon likes to play video games or hang out with his family.

Fun Fact: Knows a bit about sports trivia!

Ryan B.
Manager Quality Assurance

When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my wife Hannah and our two mini-Australian shepherds, Mason & Milo. We love going on long walks at the dog park, relaxing at home, spending time with family, and going out on the town!

Most Likely to:

Get excited about my hobbies! When I get interested in something, I want to study every aspect of it and become an expert: early 20th century fiction, pipe tobacco, dress shoes/boots, bourbon, lighting, charcuterie, and electronics, of course!

Vinh T.
Quality Assurance Technician

Enjoys soccer, snowboarding, walking with my wife & kids, drinking with families & friends.

Fun Fact: Wishing I could attend a few games at the Fifa World Cup.

John S.
Quality Assurance Technician

John likes to work on and play his Les Paul.

Fun Fact: He saved a guitar from the dumpster and brought it back to life!!!

Manufacturing Technician

The recipe is easy, all it takes is hard work!

Doug K.
Manufacturing Technician

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Restoring old motorcycles, band practice with my daughter, reading, working on electronic inventions, more reading, home repairs, vehicle maintenance,  laughing with my daughter until tears come out our eyes and our bellies ache.

Most likely to....

Try something extreme

James G.
Manufacturing Technician

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I play video games or hang out with friends

Tell us about your partner, spouse, kids, pets or whoever means the most to you....

I have a cat named Coco and a dog named Bo

SMT Machine Operator

Jarrett enjoys hanging out with his family, playing basketball and watching sports.

Fun Fact: Jarrett may or may not have crashed a wedding.

Quality Assurance Technician

Greigh is an avid fisherman and camper. He also agrees with Wayne Gretzky - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

Tim M.
Electronics Technician

Tim enjoys eating foods from around the world.

Favorite saying: People do what they want to do.

Quality Assurance Technician

Enjoys VR, watching movies, fishing, spending time with his daughter, and working on cars.

Fun Fact: Owns every Stephen King hardback book. (69 books all together).

Jesse V.
Electronics Technician

Most likely to try new things and believes you should treat others as you would like to be treated.

Ben M.
Manufacturing Technician

Enjoys time with Family and Friends. Doing anything outdoors, like fishing and spending time at the lake.

Fun fact: Owns a beehive and 4 chickens!

Rosemary G.
Manufacturing Technician

Likes to stay home and spend time with grand children.

Fun Fact: Has a very loving and understanding husband!

Anthony C.
Manufacturing Technician

I like to work on car radio systems, go to the gym, go on bike rides with my wife.

Most likely to: Geek out about any type of electronics

Fun Fact: I was raised in the Caribbean!

Zakariae E.
Manufacturing Technician

I love carpentry and automation, so in my free time I’m usually building some kind of contraption, from automated curtains to a dresser. Otherwise, I paint or play sports.

Currently, the most important person to me is my mother. She has a degree in economics and works in accounting. She is a great help in learning finance and advises me in projects which I have or will start.

Most likely to....

Invent something new. I build solutions for almost any problem I run into.


Office/HR Manager, Accounting, Document Control Coordinator

Becky enjoys working with the amazing people at CSS, the culinary food and beverage industry, and spending time with family and friends.

Marcus S.
Project Quotation Specialist

I enjoy fishing and hanging out with family and friends.

Fun Fact: I have never flown on a plane before.

Manager of Planning & Finance

Amber enjoys concerts with friends, coaching youth basketball, going to sporting events and pretending to play sand volleyball.

Fun Fact: Amber is always the one to find Waldo first!

Gina D.
Purchasing Specialist

Enjoy spending time with my family and anything outdoors – grilling out, yard work, going to the lake, fishing with my husband and daughter

If you can be anything, be kind!


General Manager (Mindshare, by CSS)

Jack enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

Fun Fact: According to Jack, his goal is to work 2 years after his death.

(FAE) Field Application Engineer (Mindshare, by CSS)

Jeff enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and KC Royals.

Fun Fact:

Technology Manager (Mindshare, by CSS)

Ryan enjoys hanging with his family and listening, playing and recording music. He's in a band too, just like Kevin! (We should have our CSS band dialed in very soon by the looks of it)

Fun Fact: Ryan's also in a band!

Travis P.
Technical Support Specialist (Mindshare, by CSS)

Travis is a first responder in his home town of Seward and the surrounding area.

Fun Fact:  Travis has traveled 2,967 miles to Nicaragua on his 2nd flight ever.

Kelvin W.
Minshare SW Intern

Likes playing video games with Friend. Working on computers and reading. Enjoys spending time with Friends and talking about dumb things.

Discretion is the better part of valor!

Has never broken a bone!!!

Communication Systems Solutions, Inc.
665 Research Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521

(402) 261.8688 - Phone
(206) 350.2776 - Fax

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Markets include Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety, Industrial, Call Centers, among many others.

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