Custom Hardware Innovative. Entrepreneurial. As someone looking for a design partner, these terms certainly apply to you, our customer. CSS has the hardware design experience to marry innovative, entrepreneurial ideas and with innovative, cutting edge design techniques resulting in improved time to market and profitable product life cycles.

- Multicore Designs: Davinci™, OMAP™
- DSP Designs: C64xx, C67xx, C55xx, C54xx
- MCU Designs: MSP4xx, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Stellaris™

- Digital Audio / Video
- Scientific Instrumentation
- Array Signal Processing
- Network Communications

- USB Host/Device
- Memory Devices (SD, SDHC, CF)
- More . . .

Embedded Computer Baseboards Kontron’s comExpress (Computer on Modules) is an industry leading product that allows a custom carrier board to be designed and built by CSS, and when coupled with any of the Kontron comExpress modules, a full PC can be embedded in your device. comExpress is an industry standard that places all the functions of a complete PC on a small PCB with a high-density connector allowing only those functions required by the customer to be implemented. The carrier board can be designed to fit any form factor. Kontron makes modules from the tiny nano series at 55mm x 84mm (2.16” x 3.31”) up to 95mm x 125mm (3.74” x 4.92”), with stacking heights as low as 5mm, most any space can be accommodated.

Other design options:
- Display type: DVI, RGB, LCD, or none
- Mass Storage, SATA, IDE, Compact Flash, SD Card, USB
- Standard SoDIMM sockets included on the modules for RAM
- Processor type: Options include Intel Atom, Intel Dual cores, AMD Geode and many others
- PCI and PCI express can be included to support other card functions
- Up to Gigabit network speeds supported by many modules
- USB, serial, parallel, PS2, GPIO, and most any other I/O type

CSS can help you design, prototype, and produce your designs. If support beyond the HW design is needed, CSS can provide design support with heat dissipation, operating system customization for both Linux and Windows and application development. Please contact CSS for more information on how we can speed your time to market with a Kontron COM Express® design.

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